Being stuck at home during any time of the year can be a real bummer, especially when the weather is nice. Today we’re giving you something fun to do with our top 5 build-your-own catapult kits. We are all taking fewer trips out these days, and we are all looking for more things to do at home! Why not have some fun at the same time?

Home improvement projects and spending are up something like 78% right now. Put away the drywall and painting projects and give yourself a break with something fun to do. If you have kids, we KNOW they’re watching the screens a lot more lately. Why not give them projectiles to play with instead! Safe ones, of course. Today we give you our curated list of our top 5 build-your-own catapult kits so you can order one today and get the fun started!

Why You Should Build a Catapult 

First of all, why not?! Everything goes these days. Save yourself from drowning in boredom and put a stop to the honey-do lists with a fun and educational activity.

Secondly, it’s engaging, educational, and fun. It’s science! If you have a remote-learner at home, fulfill those art and science requirements with some good ole’ fashion backyard projectile launching.

Or perhaps build a treat launching catapult for your household pets! 

There are so many fun and safe ways you can learn about science and engineering while also launching cool stuff from your floor or table.

We are all grasping at straws to stay active. Why not build a catapult? 

Best Build-Your-Own Catapult Kits 

Pathfinders Roman Catapult Model Kit:

This catapult kit comes with everything you need to build a tabletop catapult that can launch “soft projectiles” a distance of 15 feet! The Pathfinders catapult kit comes with clay balls to launch, but the description states you can launch other soft projectiles (cat treats are soft, right?). The box says the kit is not intended for kids 12 and under, so feel free to use it to launch cookies at fido.

The Pathfinders catapult kit comes with pre-machined, natural, untreated wood pieces. A cool paint job might be in order.

Leonardo Di Vinci Catapult Kit: 

Another kit made by Pathfinders, this catapult is modeled after Leonardo Di Vinci’s 1485 redesign of the catapult. See, science and history class checked off! Some of the product description comments indicate kids were able to get soft balls to launch as far as 20 feet! If you are working with younger kids, they will need a lot of help with the assembly, but they will have so much fun with the launching part.

Boy Craft Catapult Wars by Horizon Group USA: 

As a lady, I want to note that catapults aren’t just for little boys (or grown men); girls can have fun launching projectiles too! This catapult kit allows you to build and then customize your catapult with included decals and stickers. This kit also contains mini bean bags in the box as projectiles. (You may want to keep the dogs and cats out of the room). We don’t condone the harming of pets using catapult kits! And the best part is that this kit comes with enough supplies to build TWO working catapults! It’s on!

Kidzlabz Catapult Making Kit by 4M: 

The 4m kit is geared toward slightly younger kids with an age limit of 8 and up. This kit is made of plastic and comes with everything you need to build a medieval-style catapult and two ping-pong style projectiles. You may want to order extra ping pong balls as you’re bound to lose them since this kit can launch them over 15 feet!

We hear that cats love chasing after cat toys launched from catapults. Our pets are bored too!

National Geographic Construction Model Kit: 

This kit includes enough materials to build not only a catapult but a ballista and a bombard as well. Have a battle royale at home using this kit and its three projectile launching toys. Launch 3-D balls and arrows from a cannon, catapult, and an early model ballista. A history lesson, science lesson, and a family battle royale all packaged into a $29 gift! Stop giving your friends and family passive gifts by providing them with a toy and a craft project all in one!

Stay safe and have some fun by working together to build a make-your-own catapult!

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