Homemade gift giving is fun for you and has a unique way of showing your loved ones how much you care. Taking the time out of your busy schedule and crafting DIY gift baskets and homemade gifts elevates your gift giving from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, people really enjoy gifts made with love! As a group of makers, crafters, and DIY-ers, of course, we’ve created a homemade gift giving guide for any special occasion!

Homemade Gifts for Kids

Spark some curiosity into the lives of kids using homemade gift ideas. Whether you’re gifting for birthdays, the holidays, or just because, homemade gifts can get kids thinking critically and using their imaginations.

Homemade Paper Journal for Kids

Get kids channeling their inner author by gifting them the gift of a handcrafted journal using homemade paper. Making homemade paper allows you to create a beautiful customized journal or notebook for the aspiring writer in your life.

Homemade Clay for Littles

Sensory play is a great way to get kids to build their fine motor skills. Homemade clay is colorful and fun for toddlers and young kids. Building with clay helps spark creativity and strengthen those little hands and fingers.

Homemade Raspberry Pi Game Console

Kids of all ages love playing video games. Introduce your favorite kids to the classics from your childhood by building them a homemade Raspberry Pi Game Console.

Handmade Drone for Older Kids and Teens

Get older kids interested in a gift that incorporates science and technology with a homemade drone. Introduce kids to the basics of DIY tech and have fun with a drone.

Model Rockets

Model rockets are an excellent stem activity for kids of all ages. Building and painting a model rocket is fun for your creative kids, while launching and watching them fly is exciting for the whole family. Just make sure you let their grownups know before you gift the gift of an explosive flying object!

Homemade Gift Giving for Adults

Homemade gifts aren’t just for gifts. Many adults love handcrafted gifts, especially unique gifts that match their style and interests. Here are some ideas for giving handmade gifts to the adults in your life.

Homemade Hot Sauce

Gift a bottle of your special secret recipe to the hot sauce lover in your life. You can bottle your own sauce as a gift or create a DIY hot sauce making kit.

A DIY Self-Care Kit with Homemade Body Products

Homemade gift baskets are a go-to gift idea of mine for the holidays. I love giving families gift baskets of my homemade creations. And as a bonus, they can reuse the basket for other purposes for a no-waste gift! I love matching the baskets to their interior decor if I can!

DIY Self-Care Basket:

Don’t forget to craft your own gift tags using homemade paper!

Coffee and Tea Themed Gift Basket for Caffeine Lovers

We all run on caffeine from time to time. If you have a coffee or tea lover in your life, you can give them a homemade coffee and tea themed gift basket.

What to include:

Take your caffeine themed gift basket even further by supporting local businesses and incorporating handcrafted coffee mugs from local artists, or you can try your hand at making your own coffee mugs.

Homemade Food Baskets for the Foodies in your Life

Homemade food gift baskets are excellent for food lovers, young and old. A food basket would also be a great gift for an entire family to enjoy. Incorporate a little bit of everything for a delicious handcrafted gift. Don’t forget to include handwritten recipe cards for a gift that keeps on giving!

What to Include:

A Cocktail Themed Gift Basket for 21+ gifts

Handmade spirits and cocktail kits are much more fun and creative than simply giving someone a bottle of booze.

A DIY Cocktail themed basket is easy to put together but does take some planning ahead. DIY spirits take several weeks to months to be ready to drink.

What to Include:

Favorite Supplies for Homemade Gift Giving

Including handmade recipe cards, labels, and tags for your homemade gift baskets is easy when you use a printer specially designed to create such things. I love the Cricut Joy because it’s a smaller and less expensive version of the Cricut that is perfect for making cards, labels, and tags!

DIY gift baskets should include reusable glass jars for looks and usability

If you’re going to include anything storebought such as glasses and containers, try using reusable and eco-friendly versions so that your gift is reusable. Glass jars and containers are preferable over plastic tupperware, plus they look nicer.

Choosing a Basket

When choosing a basket for your homemade gift basket, I love matching either their home decor style or the gift theme.

For a food-themed basket, try finding a bread basket or other themed basket that matches your gift’s theme. This coffee basket would be perfect for a coffee and tea themed gift basket!

Homemade Gift Giving

Homemade gifts show your loved ones you care. Go the extra mile by customizing your handmade gifts to match their interests! Save yourself money and save them the heartache of thoughtless gifts by crafting handmade gifts and gift baskets!

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